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Letterpress & Stationery

Here are some of our most recent suites:

All of our letterpress work is printed at our studio in Basalt, Colorado, a small town outside of Aspen, Colorado. Our current press is a 9×12 Chandler Price Platen press. Our inks are hand mixed based on the Pantone color system and papers are carefully selected for optimum results and different aesthetics. Each card is hand fed through the press, one at a time.

Paper we like but are not confined to:
Papers over or near 600gsm are best for a deep impression
Arturo 600gsm, 300gsm, 260gsm
Crane Lettra 600gsm, 300gsm
Legion Bamboo 530gsm, 280gsm
Savoy 618gsm, 320gsm
Wild 300gsm
Rising Museum Board

Here are some of our not so recent letterpress projects:

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Pricing may vary from job to job depending on plate sizes. Plates are priced by square inch. This rate does change but right now it is roughly 40 cents per square inch, plus shipping. Sculco Creative charges 10% on top of plate cost for handling and 10% on top of paper cost for handling. Clients are welcome to supply paper but we highly recommend consulting with us beforehand. Printing charges are based on press runs (per plate). Design and pre-press file preparation is $85/hr.

We have a 2 week turnaround on letterpress printing, from the day of art approval. This can be expedited for an extra charge. Since each project is very different, please schedule a design consultation to discuss paper, design, and pricing on all letterpress jobs. We do require a 50% downpayment on all letterpress projects. This helps cover material costs for plates, shipping, and paper. Before we start your project, you will have a quote in hand for the price of the project. It will be based on paper cost, plate cost, press runs, and design time.

Please give us a call at 970-389-0956 for a free friendly consultation, or email us, and expect a prompt, friendly answer to any of your questions. We welcome studio visits by appointment only.